In Review: Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins | Belfast Strand Theatre

Full disclosure time: this review does not come from a place of impartiality. I am not an outsider looking in from the rusted church gates at the bright and sunny…..

3 mins read

Opinion: “To the politicians this is just a game, but for sex workers it is their lives.”

On Friday the Department of Justice published independent research into sex work in Northern Ireland, but this positive development was quickly overshadowed by the news that the final vote on…..

4 mins read

Cllr Nuala McAllister: “What we see today with the debate of the Education Bill is the abuse of a power”

Learning of the DUP decision to place not one, but TEN Petitions of Concern on the Education Bill, was yet another sad moment for equality in the Northern Irish education…..

2 mins read

Protests show a quiet defiance in the face of the (recently passed) Clause 6

When the much discussed Clause 6 of Lord Morrow’s Human Trafficking Bill passed (with a massive majority of 81 votes to 10) just before midnight on Monday 20th October it…..

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Where the f#@k is the media coverage of #occupydemocracy?

Occupy Democracy is a UK protest event running from 17th to the 26th October at Parliament Square with the aim of starting a movement for ‘real democracy’. A reaction to…..

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Interview: UUP leader Mike Nesbitt – ‘Unionist Unity, Peace Talks and Balancing the Books’

“I am a unionist because I believe in the Union. I believe the Union is good for everybody in Northern Ireland no matter what their political persuasion” When we sit…..

8 mins read

Vitamin F: Activism, Feminism and Revolution in Northern Ireland

The Belfast Feminist Network had been on my radar for a while but I’d never met any of them in person. They were mythical Facebook creatures who shared my anger…..

9 mins read

Villiers seeks to reassure unionists on Irish government’s role in cross party talks

In her address to the UUP conference on Saturday the 18th of October, Secretary of State Theresa Villiers attempted to assuage unionist concerns over the role of the Irish government…..

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