RIPA reveals shocking (and in no way fabricated) memo between Gary Hart and US Secretary of State John Kerry

With the news that former US Presidential candidate Gary Hart has been appointed as the official US envoy to the current cross party talks our political parties may or may…..

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Opinion: Adams’ ‘apology’ to victims of IRA abuse only digs a deeper hole for Sinn Féin

The passionate and relentless campaigning of Mairia Cahill has forced Gerry Adams, President of Sinn Féin, to confront head-on the past actions of the IRA and their role in alleged…..

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Amnesty International NI launches the #MyBodyMyRights campaign

Amnesty International NI has officially joined the fight for women’s reproductive rights in Northern Ireland. At a packed launch event of the My Body My Rights campaign at the MAC…..

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Opinion: TTIP? Westminster? “We’re living in a 5G environment with a pre-G democratic system”

I’m currently sitting in a house in Dallas. Three miles from the latest case of Ebola and instead of going out to buy a gun and a hazmat suit, I’m…..

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In Review: Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins | Belfast Strand Theatre

Full disclosure time: this review does not come from a place of impartiality. I am not an outsider looking in from the rusted church gates at the bright and sunny…..

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Opinion: “To the politicians this is just a game, but for sex workers it is their lives.”

On Friday the Department of Justice published independent research into sex work in Northern Ireland, but this positive development was quickly overshadowed by the news that the final vote on…..

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Cllr Nuala McAllister: “What we see today with the debate of the Education Bill is the abuse of a power”

Learning of the DUP decision to place not one, but TEN Petitions of Concern on the Education Bill, was yet another sad moment for equality in the Northern Irish education…..

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Protests show a quiet defiance in the face of the (recently passed) Clause 6

When the much discussed Clause 6 of Lord Morrow’s Human Trafficking Bill passed (with a massive majority of 81 votes to 10) just before midnight on Monday 20th October it…..

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