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Let me tell you something naughty about me. I’m actually part of a group at school that flaunts masculinity by exchanging knowledge on what the best porn sites, who the latest entries are in the adult entertainment industry and anything that goes in the line of that. That goes to say I have a very wide knowledge base about anything that involves porn because of the diversity of the people that I’m with in the group, who happen to know a lot of things about porn too. I’m not saying it’s something to be proud of, but it sure is fun. Why am I telling you all this? Because there’s this porn site that started the same way too. It’s the Dogfart Network.

I do a bit of research of the things that I get involved with and that does not exclude porno in it. That goes to say I did a bit of background check on the subject matter and learned that they were originally just a small group of college boys playing around with some girls during an after-party, got naughty with an orgy and then opened about running a porn site, which the girls did assent to. With that they were able to create startup vids to present to the adult entertainment industry which turned out to be their tickets to fame.

DogFart discount verified for 2018

The videos went viral and the rest is history. What am I coming at here? The videos in this site are so good that you can’t even comprehend whether it’s still real or surreal. Either way that’s a good thing because while this porn site doesn’t really focus on anything in particular, they are able to present something that rings universally to all types of porno audiences.

It kinda grossed me out at first that the site name was Dogfart Network. Eventually it grew on me. The very reason why it’s called a network, it’s got so many affiliate sites that make up its massiveness — something that you will find to be unprecedented. Through the collection, you will be able to search for anything from ANY category that you could or not think of in the porn industry — you’ll eventually get there. As of today, the collection ranges to over 7,800 videos, all of which are HD to vintage quality videos going from 5-minute clips all the way to 45 minute films. Black, White, Asian and so on, they’re all here. United.

There’s so much more to tell about the Dogfart Network, but I wouldn’t wanna ruin the thrill of knowing by your own. Giving it a 10 out of 10 for its paranormal activity kind of quality, so you better your subscription going too.